This favorite was also favored by the Specialty Food Association. In 2018 it won the GOLD Sofi in the seasoning category! It's an international contest with blind tasting. Try it - it has all the flavors you love in Tuscan - inspired food. Rub it on pork and you'll burst into song! Adds divine inspiration to lamb and veggies, too.

Tuscan Temptation - Artisan crafted 4oz tin

  • This rub starts off with your traditional Italian spices but quickly veers off with the addition of fennel and coriander to kick it up and put the flavor profile over the top! I promise - you'll love it!

  • This delicious rub is made by hand in small batches in a commercial kitchen in Costa Mesa, California! When you purchase a rub from us you'll know it's made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients around!