It's here!! This is a limited edition only available seasonally. Scrumptious deep woodsy flavors make chicken and potatoes irresistible. Put it in pasta, on veggies and fish, too!You'll want an encore. Keep it in the tin to protect it from light and air - keeping it fresh longer.

Porcini Truffle Tango - Artisinal crafted 3oz tin

  • We only use fresh black italian truffles. They can run up to $1200.00 per pound. We only make this delicious rub when truffles are at a low enough price that we can sell it at $30.00 per tin. Over that price and most likely even you truffle lovers wouldn't buy it! We send out a Facebook and Instagram post when we have it available. 

  • This delicious rub is made by hand in small batches in a commercial kitchen in Costa Mesa, California! When you purchase a rub from us you'll know it's made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients around!