It's the SILVER SOFI winner for 2019! The Specialty Food Association holds this international competition and we're super honored to be chosed for 2019!


This one's got it all. Chock full of flavor and not too hot. Beautiful blend of chilis to use with beef and fish tacos, fajitas and your favorite chili recipe. And if you like big flavor try it with veggies! 

Baja Border Blend - Artisan Crafted - 4oz tin

  • This rub has a strong chili component with a kick of paprika and other savory spices. It has a kick but you won't have to have a fire extinguisher close by when you use it. 


    The tin will protect it from light and air which keeps it fresh! 

  • This delicious rub is made by hand in small batches in a commercial kitchen in Costa Mesa, California! When you purchase a rub from us you'll know it's made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients around!