Grill Like A Pro

It’s easy . . . if you’re grilling meat, massage the rub into the meat anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours before grilling.  As the name implies you do “massage” or “rub” the seasoning into the meat.  I’d try to put it on at least 30 minutes before grilling as it will help make a nice crust on the meat.  Every once in a while I don’t have time and literally put it on right before grilling and it’s still delicious.


Next step is to get your grill on.  If using a propane grill make sure to have the barbeque open before turning on the grill. Then turn it on for about 10 minutes to get it good and hot.  Scrape your grill with your cleaning brush to get any left on food off, using tongs, take a paper towel with oil and oil the grate.  Then you’re ready to put the meat on.  Any beef, pork or lamb I’m cooking will get a real hot fire so it sears the rub and the outside of the meat real quick to lock in the juices.  If you don’t like charred meats this is the time to turn down the fire.  I like the char so I usually cook on high with the exception of the burner right under the meat – I turn that one down to medium. 


So when’s it done?  I’m a medium rare person so I like to pull it when it’s still red in the middle.  With experience you’ll know when to pull it off.  It’s best not to cut it open but you can sometimes find a fissure you can lightly pull open (just a bit) between the grain to take a peek.  If you have to - go ahead and cut it but don’t turn it after that.


Once you pull it off the grill let it rest under a piece of aluminum foil for about 5 minutes per inch.  Then enjoy!!


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