Pasta with Chicken & Tuscan Temptation Seasoning!

I love pasta dishes as they’re very forgiving. Change the ratio of veggies or omit a veggie altogether. Add another one in that you may not have thought of as being a pasta veggie. It can be very spontaneous! Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts Bellini mushrooms – 8 Tomatoes – 1 large or 10 cherry or grape tomatoes Garlic – 2 cloves Fava beans – 1 pound (if fava beans are not available you can omit or replace with another veggie like zucchini or more asparagus) Asparagus – 6 spears Jalapeno - 2 Red bell pepper – 1 Balsamic vinegar Basil – fresh 1 T Butter 4 T Tuscan Temptation Start the water boiling for the pasta. Use either fusilli or spaghettini which is what I used. Quarter the mushrooms and

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