Steak Mojo (Best BBQ Steak Rub) Hot Wings

This is a take-off of Ray Lampe’s recipe from his NFL Game Day Cookbook. I saw it in Men’s Journal and have made it with my variations when tailgating and for parties. This is a really messy, wonderfully - delicious recipe for wings. If you want – just grill the wings with Steak Mojo and enjoy! I love using Steak Mojo because it is one of the best meat rubs! But if you want to add more flavor to your wings cook them in the liquid ingredients after grilling. Wings 4 lbs of chicken wings (about 25-30 wings) 4-6 Tablespoons Steak Mojo 1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper – optional – it’s pretty hot even without this Sauce 3 Cups V8 juice 6T Worcestershire Sauce 6T Tabasco Garlic Sauce Juice of 2 lemon

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